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The Tragedy of Copping out on Fasting

When I was a newer Christian I occasionally asked people to fast with me.  After awhile I stopped asking others because the responses became typical.  “No…not right now…I can’t because…I’ll pray along with you though….”

The early church fasted a lot yet we almost never do.  When we do fast we tend to do it, as I affectionately call it, Catholic style. Think Lent. We pick something pretty mundane that we won’t terribly miss or an item we have been meaning to wean ourselves from anyways. I’m not slamming Catholics, just saying that is how our family and all the others I knew did it.

I should be clear here, I don’t fast a lot either, certainly not every week as was the habit of earlier Christians. I don’t like going without anymore than the next person. I do fast, but probably not as much as I should so I’m not holding myself out as the example to follow. Despite that, I have picked up a tidbit or two and that is what I’ll share here. Read the rest of this entry »

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What I Believe

I wanted to share with you what I believe and yet I cringed at posting a Nicene Creed of some sort. Bullet points have their place but seldom in real life. I find it therapeutic, especially if I am wading in confusion, to stop and declare what I know. It is seldom done more powerfully than in song.


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