Kickball Pulpit: What a Six Year Old Taught Me About Envy

28 Feb


I was a first base coach for kickball last fall. It was cold. Really cold. My fingers were numb and to be honest, I was not very interested in being there. I wanted to leave and get started on my long list of chores waiting for me at home.



You know how you hear things sometimes even when you aren’t really there, when you are not truly listening? I was staring at homeplate thinking about what I was going to do for supper yet I overheard the boy playing first shouting. He was ecstatic. “This is awesome! We are winning by 19!



A huff came up out of my soul. Is he going to gloat?

He didn’t. In fact he proceeded to say something amazing. It was the best thing I heard or thought of all that week.

With just as much enthusiasm he continued, “AND you are winning by four!”



And with that my mind went racing. “You are winning by four!”



Adults don’t tend to see life this way. We see the cream of the crop, the winner, the elite…and then all the rest. We just can’t seem to see success in big and small. Only big.  You’re either the top dog in whatever arena you choose to compete in or your failing.  You win or you lose.



And that causes us to feel threatened and to envy those who are running the bases. Sometimes we figure out a way to even justify hating those who have a bigger score.



Because…we can’t stand it if someone is succeeding more than we are.  It fills us with all sorts of ugly feelings  if someone we know is ahead of us in any arena we care deeply about.






This was a great reminder to me from a six year old that we are in this together. There aren’t winners and losers as long as we are all in the game.



Run hard. Cheer hard…for others.



Their score does not wipe out yours.



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2 responses to “Kickball Pulpit: What a Six Year Old Taught Me About Envy

  1. godcrazzzy

    March 27, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Nice one.

  2. lessonsbyheart

    April 18, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    Bravo, love it! Thanks for sharing.


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