I’m Giving Up Sin….but just for Lent

05 Mar
I’m Giving Up Sin….but just for Lent

I have almost missed the start of Lent this year. I have never been any good at dates. I am reblogging a post I did last year, In regards to Lent, I would love that all would partake. Yet, I would caution those who practice Lent to be careful not to enter it with a ‘sacrifice’ of sin. Giving up what we know we should give up, as some sort of sacrifice during Lent is skewed, isn’t it? Think through the admittedly not perfect post and come to your own conclusions. God bless.


22452900E[1] “I’ve decided to give up a sin that has been bothering me for Lent.”

That was what I overheard this last week but not in those exact words.  The actual words sounded much more admirable, couched in lightheartedness with lots of spiritual talk inserted between the lines.  “I’m giving up something that has been bothering me,” is closer to what I actually heard.

This encounter launched me into questioning why many Christians participate in Lent.  Ideally, it should be a time of deeper contemplation about God and more focused prayer.  Most say that this is what they plan on doing, but for many, life and old habits make it hard for them to execute and they merely pull off the external.   As a result, I think many focus on the giving up of a thing as some sort of offering of their devotion, hoping that the mere act of doing…

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One response to “I’m Giving Up Sin….but just for Lent

  1. Rene Yoshi

    March 5, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    I think your last line says it all. God Himself said He would rather have obedience than sacrifice. And, of course, looking at the whole Bible, we know, too, that He wants obedience with the right heart and motive–love–and not simply out of duty or trying to earn His favor or our own righteousness. Although I did not grow up in a church that practices Lent, I can see the benefit of it when used as a means of helping us focus on the Lord and examine our hearts. Great post!


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