Organic Jesus

23 Mar

In 1 Corinthians 2:2, Paul says that he would preach nothing but Christ crucified.  The ThinkerAs ambassadors of Christ ourselves, we should also be proclaiming nothing but his message.  Christ, and Christ alone, is our message to those around us.

The wisdom of the world though speaks loudly to how we can have a good life, become beautiful people or obtain what we are looking for and it offers up a different suggestion, something different from Christ, for how to get it.  Many times the suggestions make sense….but it directs people to something other than God.  When Christians add this wisdom to the gospel and then start talking about it when they sit and stand, they in effect become evangelists for the wisdom of the world.  They are constantly telling others about “Christ and…”

For example, many of my Christian friends are caught up in things related to health and/or politics.  Perhaps you have friends like this too.  Much of what they share is what they have become passionate about and they bring Christ in alongside to prove their position.  They have become evangelists for “Christ and….”

In matters of justice, we do need to stand up for the defenseless, absolutely.  The gospel is all about justice and we are to act justly as His ambassadors.  It would be unjust to ignore the helpless.  Likewise, sharing common sense nuggets that we have learned should be passed along if it will help someone, BUT, and this is a big but, that is not the gospel and it is NOT our message.  Neither is general knowledge or opinions on things such as the government, our diet, or how marriage should be nurtured.  Go ahead and share them if you are so inclined, but they are NOT the message of Christ.

If people think first of your extra cause before they think of Christ when they think of you, you have probably started to become an evangelist for “Christ and…”

Christ and no chemicals in your diet.

Christ and a happy, intimate marriage.

Christ and a just government.

Christ and a healthy body.

Christ and the top ten common sense things to avoid.

Christ and the top ten common sense things to do.

Christ and

The ‘ands’ may be good things.  They usually are things that we seek after because we are fearful or just want them.  The ‘ands’ are usually something Christ never promised or talked about at length.  He never promised a just government, a healthy body, wonderful relations with others, success or a happy life….here.  They may or may not be fine to pursue but by becoming evangelists for ‘Christ and’ our message becomes: “be saved from your sins, AND live a healthy life.”  or something akin to this.  See the danger?

“I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”  1 Cor. 2:2

For me, I make it my resolve as Paul did, that I will have no other agenda.


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4 responses to “Organic Jesus

  1. Rene Yoshi

    March 24, 2014 at 7:33 am

    Hmm… I think I know where you’re coming from since you included, “If people think first of your extra cause before they think of Christ when they think of you, you have probably started to become an evangelist for “Christ and…””. I’m just a little concerned, because I have seen some young men, who are zealous, and I know their hearts are for Christ, but they get caught up in religion and in raising a banner. They often have a lot of zeal ‘for Christ’ and the Word of God, but they lack knowledge. They often parrot what they have heard more than study to show themselves approved. God’s Word is full of wisdom. He Himself is wisdom, although the reverse cannot be said, for wisdom itself is not God, just as God is love, but love is not God. Anyway, Christians ought to be the best at things and especially providing wisdom, whether it’s wisdom concerning health, finances, relationships, or politics. But you’re absolutely right— “If people think first of [our] extra cause before they think of Christ…” there could be something amiss. Thank you for that warning and exhortation. 🙂

    • Kris

      March 24, 2014 at 11:01 pm

      So good to hear from you again Rene! I understand what you are saying too, and there is certainly truth in it. God’s Word IS filled with practical wisdom, like you said. I know the types of people you mentioned, I have run into them on my journey. It is not good to say as they might, “Christ alone” and dismiss the pains, struggles, questions and fears of this life as incidental.

      The very character and commands of God do give guidance in life but how to get ‘your best life now’ is not the point of the Bible, nor should it be what drives us. I feel quite confident that we would agree on that. The thrust of our lives is to be a follower of Christ, to hear and understand His will and carry it out….even if it is detrimental to our happiness and well being. The wisdom for living is simply the wisdom of following Christ, His commands, His character….. to be obedient in all things. That is the overarching wisdom, in my opinion. The commands of God naturally bear on government, marriage and life because people are involved in those things, so yes, the Bible in a way does speak to ‘how to’ do those things. But that is not our message….the message is to follow Christ.

      Did I help clear up my thoughts or just muddy the waters?

      • Rene Yoshi

        March 24, 2014 at 11:05 pm

        [chuckle] You cleared things up, and I do agree. Thank you, Kris!

  2. Amy Miller

    March 24, 2014 at 8:41 am

    Wow…I need to chew on this a while! Good good stuff.


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